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US Incorporated is dedicated to informing the public about the need for common-sense immigration policies and reform. It is a 501(c)(3) organization.

To that end:

We are pro-legal immigration, but against an unsecure border, as countless American lives have been negatively impacted by the presence of criminal illegal aliens.

We are pro-improving the lives of people worldwide, but committed to protecting the American worker from unemployment and wage suppression caused by the importation of large numbers of foreign workers into the United States, who are often subject to exploitation by corporations.

We are pro-economic development, but eager to protect our iconic natural resources and to consider the impact of population growth, due to mass immigration, upon the environment.

We are pro-learning a new language(s), but are also committed to promoting and preserving English as the common unifying lingua of the United States and the official language of government business.

We, respectfully, strive to engage the public by publishing material that challenges conventional wisdom on immigration, as well as hosting an annual conference in the Washington, D.C. area that features nationally-known speakers.

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